Established in 1992, Hope House served 87,237 meals in 2010. The hungry and homeless of the inner-city Utica area have come to rely upon at least one daily meal at Hope House. We have also provided countless hours of safe haven from the streets for the people who are our guests, many of whom feel that they come to Hope House to be with "Family". In many instances, we constitue their only stable and caring environment.
(Our Mission)


The New Building

Plans for our new 8,000 square foot building allow for street level access to the dining, kitchen and storage areas, increasing our existing capacity by 25% and adding more energy efficient heating, cooling and air circulation systems. It has been designed with potential for future expansion, should that be needed. Hope House owns the property for this new facility, adjoining the current location. Being set on "Hospitality Row" is convenient for referring individuals to other nearby community resources, and will enhance the neighborhood appearance.

Hope House Needs:
Hope House Needs YOU to:
  • To continue being able to serve over 87,000 meals a year, at an average cost of $1.68 per meal.

  • To be able to help our rising numbers, nearly 11% over last year. New faces are families newly unemployed and working poor.

  • To expand kitchen space and facilities that are currently overcrowded.

  • To have food and supplies storage that is accessible and adequate. Sometimes we are forced to turn down donations because of a lack of storage space.

  • to have efficient systems and reliable appliances and equipment.
  • Contribute as generously as you can.

  • Consider sponsoring a room, a piece of equipment

  • Make a 5-year pledge

  • Look to our future through a bequest
  • Tell the Hope House story

So please give generously!

Our Fund-Raising Goal
is $800,000


Hope House | 130 Eagle St. | Utica NY 13501 | Phone: 315.793.3723 | info@hopehouseutica.com