Established in 1992, Hope House has served 95,376 (up 8,139 from 2010). The hungry and homeless of the inner-city Utica area have come to rely upon at least one daily meal at Hope House. We have also provided countless hours of safe haven from the streets for the people who are our guests, many of whom feel that they come to Hope House to be with "Family". In many instances, we constitue their only stable and caring environment.
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It's more than numbers— Executive Director Update
from Tom Labayewski

There are a lot of numbers that we can use when talking about Hope House. For example we served 95, 376 meals in 2011. Also in 2011, through the generosity of our neighbors we received almost $250,000 in food and other donations. We also extend our thanks to our great volunteers at Hope House donating time that saved more than $130,000.

From 8,700 meals served in 1992 to 95,376 in just 20 years, these are numbers that can leap at you. When we look at these numbers along with developing and Following a budget, planning meals, and order supplies it can get real easy to forget that there are faces that go with these numbers.

There is the mother with two young children desperate for a meal as she awaits her public assistance to start.

There's the group of men that come in for breakfast before heading out to look for a job.

There's also that group of regulars who come and great the volunteers by name. Most of these folks have no other family than their Hope House Family.

There are those struggling with ad- dictions and demons some of us have a hard time understanding.

Every day Hope House is here serving hot meals in a warm and safe en- vironment and with a smile. We help with referrals to other services, we listen when people need to talk, we provide a hug when there are no words to be said. We cheer our guest successes and we pray for them when they have a set back be- cause in the end, what happens at Hope House is about people and not the numbers.

Thank you and God Bless all of our donors and volunteers that help make this happen everyday.


On Friday April 20th Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente joined Hope House volunteer Star Taylor to serve lunch. Oneida County helps Hope House with a grant to help with operations as well as partnering with us with the Work Experience Program. Past guest servers have included Congressman Han- na and former assembly women RoAnn Destito.


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Over the years, Hope House has been the grateful recipient of contributions from GE Pensioners and their spouses. Virtually every one of these contributions have been matched dollar-for-dollar by the GE Foundation.

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