Intro to Financial Responsibility: Cash-Back on Debit Cards

Understanding Cash-Back Transaction Rules for New Debit Card Holders Cash-back is one of the most commonly-practiced debit card transactions at retail outlets. Different countries will all have their own unique rules for processing cash-back transactions, but in the U.S., the rules are the same throughout all of the states. Cash-back transactions can be very useful, […]

Worst American Cities for the Homeless

As this list will show, a pleasant climate does not always mean that a city’s homeless population will be treated pleasantly too. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, two homeless advocacy groups, America’s streets have been getting meaner toward the resident homeless populations that […]

The United Nations and Poverty

Although poverty in the United States is a salient issue, poverty is by no means strictly an American problem. Every country in the world must deal with issues of poverty and homelessness. The United Nations, an international coalition of many countries, recognizes this fact and has created the United Nations Development Programme with the intention […]

Hope House Building Project

Plans for our new 8,000 square foot building allow for street level access to the dining, kitchen and storage areas, increasing our existing capacity by 25% and adding more energy efficient heating, cooling and air circulation systems. It has been designed with potential for future expansion, should that be needed. Hope House owns the property […]